Who We Are

Eloquent Gushing is a media network from Mandi Kaye Ottaway and Matthew Vose. Dedicated to bringing insightful content about TV shows, movies, video games, design, salt shakers, hardware, and giant pits.

Mandi Kaye is from North Carolina, USA, and is very opinionated about everything. When she’s not podcasting, or preparing for a podcast episode, she’s probably listening to a podcast. Or re-watching Buffy. Again. She can be found on Twitter (@mandikaye) and Instagram (/becomingmandikaye).


Matthew is from Surrey, England, and away from podcasting he likes baking cakes, woodworking, watching Star Trek, playing video games, and eating cakes. He can be found on Twitter (@matthewvose) and Instagram (/matthewvvose).

Why Eloquent Gushing?

Gushing, adjective – (of speech or writing) effusive or exaggeratedly enthusiastic

Eloquent, adjective – having or exercising the power of fluent, forceful, and appropriate speech

The content you listen to, watch, or read should be entertaining and interesting. Hearing us gush about something, repeatedly telling you it is so good and that we love it, is neither. We want to be able to tell you why we love something, why it has had some impact on us, and why it is worthy of the attention being given.

In short, we want you to understand where our passion comes from.

NB – This goes the same for why we don’t like something. If Mandi is going to tell you that Jayne is a terrible human being, she’s going to find reasons for it.