Cars 3

Source – IGN

There are very few trilogies where the third film is the best. When Indiana Jones and Die Hard were trilogies I would have offered them up as examples. Looking at my shelves Once Upon A Time In Mexico seems to be the only exception.

I would now offer Cars 3 as the best film in this trilogy. The story focuses on Lightning McQueen’s development 11 years after the first in exactly the way any good sports movie would. At the same time the film incorporates a message looking at prejudice, diversity, and equality.

Both elements are plotted very well. The film highlights were it is going to go so there’s no need for us to fill in blanks, but when you get to the key moments they still deliver.

Source – Pixar

I’m trying to talk around the plot without detail because it would be both easy and a shame to do so. This is a surprising film that is lighter on the fun of the world of Cars than previously, but better on character and message

The first Cars movie is one of my favourite Pixar films, certainly from the period before Disney bought the firm. Cars 2 was less impressive. I have seen it defended from different sources, but the issue is the elements I loved from the first – the tight plotting, the feeling of speed, the focus on racing – are missing from the second.

Cars 3 doesn’t respect what has come before too much. The second film is barely a memory, and the supporting cast from the town of Radiator Springs are almost cameos. For some hearing that Mater is not a major part in this film will be a selling point, but fortunately it includes new elements that smaller children will adore and tell everyone about as soon as they get home.

Source – Pixar

The racing is excellent, with much more attention paid to the detail of the sport, exactly as all sports have become data focussed over the last 20 years. The graphic fidelity is wonderful, including some shots so photo-realistic they feel like Pixar showing off.

I thoroughly enjoyed seeing Cars 3. We went with my six year old nephew to celebrate the end of his first year at school, and he loved the action and racing. I think older children will enjoy the story more. Everyone should come away with a positive feeling after a couple of hours well spent.