Eloquent Gushing Patreon Announcement

In a special episode Mandi and Matthew introduce their Patreon page, with some background on what Patreon is, why they’re using it, and what you get from supporting Eloquent Gushing.

Visit patreon.com/eloquentgushing to see all the details and become a part of the growth of the network.

30SC04: Protein, Protein, Protein!

Show Notes:

Need protein suggestions? This week is nothing but protein! Tune in for suggestions during the liquid and soft food stages.



30SC03: It’s Not Magic

Show Notes:

This week, Mandi explores head hunger and ways to work through it.

Protein Tip of the Week:

Deli meat and cheese rollups are the perfect sized snack for our new stomachs! Just make sure to weigh your portions so you know exactly how much protein you’re getting.

30SC02: Stay on Top of the Process!

Show Notes:

This week, Mandi explains why it’s important to understand your insurance requirements and why you need to ask questions and not rely on the system to get things done.

Protein Tip of the Week:

Make protein coffee by adding cold brew coffee concentrate to your chocolate or vanilla protein shake.

Episode 0: Introducing… Me

30 Second Chew is a new podcast about the experience of weight loss surgery – from the perspective of the patient. Mandi Kaye topped the scales at 255 pounds and is now living her best life after having the gastric sleeve.